I solve very complex business problems and have delivered bottom-line results to an array of industries ranging from mass entertainment to worldwide safety and security. From nuclear incident reporting to large-scale production of digital marketing materials to monetizing digital content, I have developed strategy, implemented technology and created value in companies globally.

Throughout my career I have helped companies emerge from bankruptcy, increase earnings, reach more customers effectively and optimize their technology portfolios. This has allowed me to continue to hone my craft, and to creatively solve problems by applying lessons learned from multiple industries. Some of my previous clients include:

From managing small, focused groups to leading teams of a hundred, my experience has given me the opportunity to work across all levels of organizations. Having partnered with senior executives as well as the folks on the digital production line, I’ve gained a complete view of how companies work. While technology is essential, I understand that it’s only a piece of the solution to bring innovation in the workplace. Business adoption of technology is critical, and is often the key factor in creating lasting success.

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